What is Pressure Vessel?
The pressure vessel is a closed rigid container especially deigned to hold gases and liquids at apressure different from the ambient pressure. Its caps are securely fitted to the heads. Our pressurevessels are available in various size and shapes used for various industrial purposes. These are madeof carbon steel and stainless steel and can be manufactured in the customized forms as per the requiredspecifications. We pressure vessels to many food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Product Range
  » Sanitary Transfer Vessels
  » De-aeration Vessels
  » Custom Made Pressure Vessels
Design Standard / Codes
  » ASME VIIII with or without U stamp
  » PED
  » AD Mark
  » Specific standard as per customer requirements.
Material of Construction
  » Carbon steel
  » Stainless steel
  » Duplex UNS S31803
  » Alloy Steel
  » Hast Alloy
  » Exotic Materials
*Other MOC can be offered as per customer requirement. For the same please contact New Field.
Technical Features
  » Available up to 45mm shell thickness for all MOC*
  » Single Equipment Up to 60 ton Weight+
  » Dimension up to 6 meters  Diameter & 15 meters Length#
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