Cryogenic Equipment’s
New Field is a leading manufacturing of Cryogenic Cryogenic Storage tanks (Customer Station / Thermo Siphon), Cryogenic Transport tank, Ambient Vaporizer (High Pressure / Low Pressure / Pressure Building Coil ), Manifold system, Turnkey solutions of Cylinder Refilling Station, Back-up system, Auto changeover System, Turnkey solutions of LNG station etc.....
NF's Product Range
Cryogenic Equipment Product Range
  » Cryogenic Storage Tank (Customer Station / Thermo Siphon) (For LOX / LAR / LIN / LNG & CO2:)
  » Ambient Vaporizer (High Pressure / Low Pressure)
  » Cryogenic Transport Tank (For LOX / LAR / LIN / LNG)
  » Single Wall Pressure Vessel
  » (For Gaseous Oxygen / Argon / Nitrogen / Air)
  » Auto Change Over System
  » Turnkey Project of Cylinder Filling Station with Erection and Commissioning
  » Turnkey Project of LNG Regasification System including Unloading Skid, Ciyogenic Storage Tank, Vaporizers, Auto changeover system, Pressure reducing skid with Erection and Commissioning
Cryogenic Storage Tank

Technical Specification
• Design Code : ASME / EN-13458
• Tank Size : 4 KL to 100 KL
• Working Pressure : 17 Bar, 24 Bar, 34 Bar & as per customer Requirement
• Design Temp: (-) 196 DEG C TO (+) 49 DEG C
• Service : LOX / LAR / LIN / LNG / LC02
• Insulation : MLI / PERLITE
• Type : Customer Station / Thermo Siphone

Used in parallel with the cryogenic tanks, vaporizers convert the transported liquids into gas. New Field engineers and manufactures a full line of Low-Pressure, High Pressure and Pressure-Building Vaporizers which are made to be fully functional with the entire line of New Field's cryogenic tanks and those of other tank manufacturers. We are also manufacturing Skid mounted High Pressure and Low Pressure Vaporizer for offshore applications.
LNG Satellite Station

• LNG Unloading Skid
• Cryogenic Tank
• Ambient Vaporizer with automatic changeover system
• Pressure Regulating System •SCAD A /PLC bases control and monitoring system
• Gas Detection System
• Fire Alarm, Fire Detection and Fire Fighting System with Erection and Commissioning
Pressure Vessel

To Store the Oxygen / Argon / Nitrogen in Gaseous form , New Field have a solutions, New Field is a leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessel, with OR Without "U" Stamp in MOC of CS, SS, LTCS, Alloy Steel etc....
Regasification (Back-up) System

• NEW FIELD Industrial Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Provides a complete solution of Re-gasification System including Cryogenic Tank, Vaporizer, Automatic Changeover System and Buffer Vessel with Erection and Commissioning.

• The entire system is controlling through PLC HMI/SCADA system.
Customer Station / Cylinder Filling Station

NEW FIELD Industrial Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Provides a complete solution of Customer Station / Cylinder Filling Station / Bulk Distribution System including Cryogenic Tank, Vaporizers and Manifold System for cylinder filling with Erection and Commissioning.
Manifold System

New Field design Manufacturing & Supply of Overhead Type / Pedestal Type cylinder filling Manifold System with control panel
Automatic Change Over System

New Field design Manufacturing & Supply Auto Change Over System which is controller through PLC/SCADA
Transport Tank

Technical Specification
• Design Code : ASME
• Capacity : 11 KL, 16 KL, 20 KL
• MAWP : 17 Kg/cm2
• Service : LOX / LIN / LAR
• Design Temp : ( - ) 196 Deg C to ( + ) 50 Deg C
• Insulation : MLI + Vacuum
Frame Mounted Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Technical Specification
Capacity : 8 KL ( 2000 Gallon )
Service : Liquid Nitrogen
Application : Offshore & Onshore application.
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